Cell Phone Policy


The purpose of this policy limiting the use of cell phones and other communication devices at work is to protect you. Inappropriate use of communication devices at work can cause injuries because it is distracting and may interfere with their proper and safe use of equipment and machinery. Devices and headphones or wireless earpieces may also get tangled in machinery or interfere with the proper use of personal protective equipment.

Devices Covered:

The devices covered by this Policy include cell phones, mobile phones, text pagers, two-way radios, and other wireless devices, whether owned by the company or the individual worker (collectively referred to as “Devices”)

Persons Covered:

This Policy applies to all employees. Due to the nature of their positions, Managers and Sales staff are excluded from this policy.

Personal Use:

Limit personal use of Devices to prep/break/lunchtimes. In cases of an emergency, please have family and friends call our office number so that you can be reached.

Prohibited Uses:


Employees are paid to work, not to be on their devices, even if it is their personal device. While in the workplace during work hours, workers are expected to focus on work and may not inappropriately use any Device in the workplace for any inappropriate purposes, including but not limited to:

  • Engaging in personal conversations

  • Playing games

  • Surfing the internet

  • Checking email

  • Sending and receiving text messages

Unsafe Work Situation:

The Company prohibits employee use of any device while on equipment or machinery. The operation of such a device would be a distraction to the user and/or could create an unsafe work environment.


Employees who violate this policy will be subject to disciplinary measures, up to and including termination.